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My description is : He is a free spirit, passionate about music and architecture, always looking for new experiences. His bohemian soul leads him to explore the beauty of the world and immerse himself in the depths of emotions. His mysterious look makes him irresistible. She is elegant and sophisticated, with an innate sensuality that captivates everyone around her. Passionate about mechanical engineering. Behind his enigmatic gaze and air of mystery, hides a warm and compassionate heart that longs to connect deeply with another being. Together, they form a couple that defies convention and immerses themselves in a world of romance and passion. Their complicity is palpable, and every moment together is filled with laughter, deep conversations, and a connection that transcends words. They complement each other perfectly, exploring life's pleasures together and enjoying the magic of love in all its forms.

I like: He is passionate about architecture, finding beauty in the lines and structures that define the urban landscape. A lover of freedom, he enjoys traveling the roads on his motorcycle, exploring new horizons on each trip. In addition, he loves to immerse himself in virtual worlds through console games, challenging his skills and discovering new universes. Always looking for unique culinary experience

I dislike: He has an aversion to disorder, preferring everything to be in its place and organized. He hates seeing his motorcycle dirty and strives to keep it spotless at all times. The idea of ​​going hungry is not something he tolerates easily, so he always seeks to satisfy his appetite in time. Chaotic city traffic is one of the things that stresses you out the most, you would prefer to avoid it whenever

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